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Kalkine’s Stock Selection Framework:

At Kalkine, we move beyond the traditional boundaries of the stock selection process. Our stock-picking approach has evolved over the years considering both external and internal factors. We keep a close watch on the key macro-economic indicators that may impact the market sentiments including inflation, interest rate, socio-political environment, GDP growth rate, etc. Typically, we follow a distinctive framework to conduct the fundamental company-specific research as charted below:

Our Unique Methodology in Valuing Stocks:

Our rich understanding of the industry dynamics and the evolving businesses per se strikes the right chord with prudent investors. We rely on our prowess to conduct both fundamental as well as technical analysis before providing any stock recommendation.

At Kalkine, we take a holistic view to help investors undertake insightful investment decisions post requisite in-depth due-diligence at their end. The key attributes driving our stock selection process are noted below:

Trending Sectors

We understand the pulse of the market and apply a theme-based approach. We consider sectors that are trending and carry the potential to unlock the underlying stock value. Typically, we look for sector in-built characteristics to identify stocks that are industry best-fit.

Robust Fundamentals

Our investment philosophy is built on our unique approach to deep-dive company fundamentals as highlighted above coupled with resilient management in steering the business cycles and uncertain environment.

Corporate Actions

At Kalkine, we develop a third-eye in scanning the company developments including corporate actions, and their weight on the stock analysis.

Appropriate Valuation Method

We carefully choose the valuation method (Relative Valuation, DCF Valuation etc.) to reflect the fundamentals and strength of the sector. We factor in the business prospects with management guidance to give a real-time sense of valuation.

Technical Analysis

Stock prices often move up and down creating an identifiable price-pattern. Typically, technical analysis can gauge this pattern. To benefit from price trends, we also consider the key technical indicators before providing our recommendations.

Investment Risks

Both systematic and unsystematic risks associated with the sector and relevant stocks are considered while providing our recommendations.

Classification of Companies (in USD):

We are versatile in covering companies with different market capitalization. We craft our valuation approach to suit companies with varying fundamentals.


Our recommendations are of generic nature and do not take into account your investment objectives, financial situations or needs. They have been classified into the following categories:


This recommendation stands for stocks we believe can be considered for further evaluation by investors for a ‘Buy’ position. We use an extensive analysis-based methodology for this purpose. Though there are no guarantees, we look at all odds and probabilities instead of certainties.


We recommend ‘Speculative Buy’ on stocks that have the potential to yield higher returns, however, they carry higher risks which may be due to the underlying business model, low market capitalization, evolving fundamentals, etc.


These are the stocks we think the investors should ‘Hold’ in the expectation of an improvement in their prices and potential upside or the same may require additional analysis over time before further action.


We provide ‘Sell’ recommendation on stocks after carefully evaluating all the parameters impacting the stock price. We do not entirely depend upon market movement to sell the share instead we follow a stock-specific approach.


These are the stocks we believe are trading at higher valuations, and therefore we assign an ‘Expensive’ rating on them considering the current trading levels, underlying risks, and associated reward profile of the business.


These are the stocks we believe that investors should ‘Avoid’ considering the risks involved, and potential reward expected from the business at the current trading levels.

Our Focus is on the Long-Term:

As a business, we endeavor to be always:

Disciplined and Consistent

We adhere to a rigorous process to identify the investment opportunities. Our analysts are intellectually curious, analytical, creative, and deeply passionate about the markets.


A streak of innovation is generally required in identifying the real opportunities that may have the potential to outgrow the market. We at Kalkine help you research such businesses and provide you with the new investment ideas every week.


A streak of innovation is generally required in identifying the real opportunities that may have the potential to outgrow the market. We at Kalkine help you research such businesses and provide you with the new investment ideas every week.

Closure of certain Recommendations Provided on stocks Based on Technical Analysis

Any stock which has been provided with a “SPECULATIVE BUY” recommendation at a particular date, along with the ‘Entry Price’, Technical ‘Support’ and ‘Resistance’ levels can be closed either when a subsequent ‘SELL’ recommendation report later or the recommendation is closed driven by any of the automatic triggering events as explained below:-

1) ‘Indicative Stop-Loss (SL)’ Hits or 2) Resistance levels Mets or target Hits’. In all such cases, a ‘ SELL’ Recommendation Report is not published.

Also, the ‘Exit Price’ mentioned in case automated triggers can either be the
1) Recommended ‘Indicative Stop-Loss’ Level
2) ‘Resistance Level/Target Levels’ of the stock mentioned in the report at time of providing the recommendation as appropriate. In such cases, a reference notes as stated below will be mentioned in the Recommendation Report:-

Note: IN PREFERENCE to ‘speculative buy’ recommendations investors may evaluate for ‘sell’ position if the resistance levels Indicated above ( As per Technical analysis) have been met. However, this is subject to risk taking appetite of the investor and other factors as discussed in the report.

Product Portfolio and Release Timings:

Product Portfolio and Release Timings:

  • Weekly Research Product: Research reports that are published weekly include Investor Report, AIM Report, Resource Report, Healthcare Report, Technical Analysis Report and Sector Report. These reports are released by 6:00 PM in UK.
  • Fortnightly Research Products – Research reports which are published on a fortnightly basis include Dividend Income Report, Gold Report, American Tech Report, etc.  The Fortnightly Research Products aims to cover at least 2 stocks in a month. They are released by 6:00 pm in the UK.

  • Research reports that are published on a fortnightly basis include Dividend Income Report, Gold Report and American Tech Report. These reports are released by 6:00 PM in UK.
  • Every year during the Easter Week, Christmas Week, and New Year Week, Kalkine Main Reports as mentioned above are not published. However, Kalkine Dailies are published during all the trading days.Please note that Main Reports (Product-specific in nature) will not be released or published during the last week of December 2021 (27th December 2021 to 31st December 2021) and first week of the New Year (3rd January 2022 to 07th January 2022).
Member Support:

As a part of membership to “KALKINE” Reports, we provide subscribers the ability to call and speak to their account manager in regards with any questions that they may have about the reports between 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday to Friday. The information given by “KALKINE” and provided on this website is general information only and it does take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or needs. In summary, “KALKINE” is happy to answer calls regarding our published material, however, due to strict compliance requirements, we simply cannot answer questions related to your personal financial circumstances.


The information provided by Kalkine Limited on this Website is general in nature and does not take into account any of your investment objectives, financial situation or needs. Before you make a decision about whether to acquire a financial product, you should obtain the Product Disclosure Statement from the product issuer. You should consider the appropriateness of information taking into account your own objectives, financial situation and needs and seek independent financial advice before making any financial decisions.

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