Consumer Discretionary Companies

Are you an investor that on the lookout for financially sound for companies that have operated for many years and have dependable earnings, often paying dividends to investors? You are the right place

Code Company Name Date Of Latest Report
0M8W Thunderbird Resorts Inc 29-08-2023
888 888 Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
ABDP Ab Dynamics PLC 07-04-2023
AIEA Airea PLC 29-08-2023
AML Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
ANG Angling Direct PLC 29-08-2023
ANXA Anexo Group PLC 29-08-2023
AO AO World PLC 07-04-2023
ASOS ASOS PLC 29-08-2023
ATG Auction Technology Group PLC 07-04-2023
AUTGA Autins Group PLC 29-08-2023
B90 B90 Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
BDEV Barratt Developments P L C 07-04-2023
BKGH Berkeley Group Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
BMEB B&M European Value Retail SA 29-08-2023
BOOH boohoo group plc 29-08-2023
BOOT Henry Boot PLC 07-04-2023
BOOT Henry Boot PLC 07-04-2023
BOTB Best Of The Best PLC 29-08-2023
BOWL Hollywood Bowl Group PLC 07-04-2023
BRBY Burberry Group PLC 07-04-2023
BWNG N Brown Group PLC 07-04-2023
BWY Bellway PLC 07-04-2023
CARDC Card Factory PLC 29-08-2023
CCL Carnival PLC 07-04-2023
CCL Carnival PLC 07-04-2023
CCT Character Group PLC 29-08-2023
CFX Colefax Group PLC 29-08-2023
CFYN Caffyns PLC 29-08-2023
CHCH Churchill China PLC 29-08-2023
CMOC CMO Group PLC 29-08-2023
COA Coats Group PLC 18-10-2022
CODE Northcoders Group PLC 29-08-2023
COM Comptoir Group PLC 29-08-2023
CPC City Pub Group PLC 07-04-2023
CPG Compass Group PLC 18-05-2022
CPG Compass Group PLC 07-04-2023
CRN Cairn Homes PLC 07-04-2023
CRST Crest Nicholson Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
CTA CT Automotive Group PLC 29-08-2023
CURY Currys PLC 22-03-2022
DFSD DFS Furniture PLC 29-08-2023
DNLM Dunelm Group PLC 07-04-2023
DOCS Dr Martens PLC 07-04-2023
DPEU DP Eurasia NV 07-04-2023
DPP DP Poland PLC 07-04-2023
Dom Domino's Pizza Group PLC 07-04-2023
ENT Entain PLC 07-04-2023
FA Fireangel Safety Technology Group PLC 29-08-2023
FLTRF Flutter Entertainment PLC 29-08-2023
FRAN Franchise Brands PLC 29-08-2023
FRAS Frasers Group PLC 07-04-2023
FSTA Fuller Smith & Turner PLC 07-04-2023
FULH Fulham Shore PLC 29-08-2023
G4M Gear4music Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
GAW Games Workshop Group PLC 07-04-2023
GLEG MJ Gleeson PLC 29-08-2023
GRG Greggs PLC 07-04-2023
GYM GYM Group PLC 29-08-2023
HEAD Headlam Group PLC 07-04-2023
HFD Halfords Group PLC 07-04-2023
HRN Hornby PLC 29-08-2023
HSW Hostelworld Group PLC 07-04-2023
HVT Heavitree Brewery PLC 29-08-2023
IGRI IG Design Group PLC 29-08-2023
IHG InterContinental Hotels Group PLC 07-04-2023
IHG InterContinental Hotels Group PLC 07-04-2023
INCH Inchcape PLC 05-07-2019
ITS In The Style Group PLC 29-08-2023
JD JD Sports Fashion PLC 07-04-2023
JDW J D Wetherspoon PLC 07-04-2023
JDW J D Wetherspoon PLC 11-07-2019
JNEO Journeo PLC 29-08-2023
KGF Kingfisher PLC 07-04-2023
LDSG Leeds Group PLC 29-08-2023
LGRS Loungers PLC 29-08-2023
LOOK Lookers PLC 07-04-2023
MAB Mitchells & Butlers PLC 07-04-2023
MARS Marston's PLC 07-04-2023
MEGPM ME Group International PLC 29-08-2023
MEX Tortilla Mexican Grill PLC 29-08-2023
MLVN Malvern International PLC 29-08-2023
MMAG musicMagpie PLC 07-04-2023
MOONM Moonpig Group PLC 29-08-2023
MOREH Hostmore PLC 29-08-2023
MOTR Motorpoint Group PLC 29-08-2023
MRKM Marks Electrical Group PLC 29-08-2023
MTC Mothercare PLC 07-04-2023
MUL Mulberry Group PLC 07-04-2023
NGHT Nightcap PLC 29-08-2023
NTBR Northern Bear PLC 29-08-2023
NXT Next PLC 07-04-2023
OBOR Starcrest Education The Belt & Road Ltd 29-08-2023
OTB On The Beach Group PLC 07-04-2023
PDG Pendragon PLC 07-04-2023
PETSP Pets at Home Group PLC 29-08-2023
PIER Brighton Pier Group PLC 29-08-2023
PMGR Portmeirion Group PLC 29-08-2023
PPH PPHE Hotel Group Ltd 29-08-2023
PROC Procook Group PLC 29-08-2023
PSN Persimmon PLC 07-04-2023
PSON Pearson PLC 07-04-2023
PTEC Playtech PLC 07-04-2023
PTTD Pittards PLC 29-08-2023
QUIZ QUIZ PLC 07-04-2023
QXT Quixant PLC 29-08-2023
RBG Revolution Bars Group PLC 29-08-2023
RDW Redrow PLC 07-04-2023
RGP Ross Group PLC 29-08-2023
RNK Rank Group PLC 07-04-2023
ROD Sportech PLC 29-08-2023
ROO Deliveroo PLC 07-04-2023
RTN Restaurant Group PLC 07-04-2023
SCEU Surface Transforms PLC 29-08-2023
SCHOS Scholium Group PLC 29-08-2023
SCSS SCS Group PLC 29-08-2023
SDG Sanderson Design Group PLC 07-04-2023
SDRY Superdry PLC 07-04-2023
SED Saietta Group PLC 29-08-2023
SHOE Shoe Zone PLC 07-04-2023
SMWH WH Smith PLC 07-04-2023
SNWS Smiths News PLC 29-08-2023
SOSS Sosandar PLC 29-08-2023
SPRSP Springfield Properties PLC 29-08-2023
SRAD Stelrad Group PLC 29-08-2023
SSPG SSP Group PLC 22-07-2019
SSTY Safestay PLC 07-04-2023
STGS Strip Tinning Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
SUP Supreme PLC 07-04-2023
TAST Tasty PLC 29-08-2023
TEG Ten Entertainment Group PLC 07-04-2023
THG THG PLC 29-08-2023
TIFS TI Fluid Systems PLC 07-04-2023
TND Tandem Group PLC 29-08-2023
TPT Topps Tiles PLC 07-04-2023
TRAF Trafalgar Property Group PLC 29-08-2023
TRBG Tribal Group PLC 29-08-2023
TRNT Trainline PLC 29-08-2023
TRT Transense Technologies PLC 29-08-2023
TUNE Focusrite PLC 07-04-2023
UBGU Unbound Group PLC 29-08-2023
UPGS UP Global Sourcing Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
VAREV Various Eateries PLC 29-08-2023
VCP Victoria PLC 07-04-2023
VIC Victorian Plumbing Group PLC 11-10-2022
VIDV Videndum PLC 29-08-2023
VTU Vertu Motors PLC 07-04-2023
VTYV Vistry Group PLC 29-08-2023
WEBH Webis Holding PLC 29-08-2023
WIX Wickes Group PLC 29-08-2023
WOSG Watches of Switzerland Group PLC 07-04-2023
WOSG Watches of Switzerland Group PLC 07-04-2023
WRKS Works co uk PLC 29-08-2023
WTB Whitbread PLC 07-04-2023
XPF XP Factory PLC 07-04-2023
YNGA Young & Co's Brewery PLC 07-04-2023

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