Industrials Companies

Are you an investor that on the lookout for financially sound for companies that have operated for many years and have dependable earnings, often paying dividends to investors? You are the right place

Code Company Name Date Of Latest Report
AA4A Amedeo Air Four Plus Ltd 29-08-2023
AFEN AFC Energy PLC 29-08-2023
AFM Alpha Financial Markets Consulting PLC 29-08-2023
AHT Ashtead Group PLC 01-04-2022
AHT Ashtead Group PLC 07-04-2023
ALUG Alumasc Group PLC 29-08-2023
AMTE Amte Power PLC 09-08-2022
ANSY Andrews Sykes Group PLC 29-08-2023
AQSG Aquila Services Group PLC 29-08-2023
ASBE Associated British Engineering PLC 29-08-2023
ATAS Ashtead Technology Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
AUK Aukett Swanke Group PLC 29-08-2023
AVON Avon Protection PLC 07-04-2023
BAB Babcock International Group PLC 07-04-2023
BAES BAE Systems PLC 29-08-2023
BALF Balfour Beatty PLC 29-08-2023
BEG Begbies Traynor Group PLC 07-04-2023
BIGB Big Technologies PLC 29-08-2023
BILN Billington Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
BMT Braime Group PLC 29-08-2023
BNZL Bunzl plc 07-04-2023
BOY Bodycote PLC 08-04-2022
BRMS Braemar PLC 29-08-2023
C3U Christie Group plc 29-08-2023
CEPS Ceps PLC 29-08-2023
CHG Chemring Group PLC 07-04-2023
CHRT Cohort PLC 07-04-2023
CKN Clarkson PLC 07-04-2023
CKT Checkit PLC 29-08-2023
CLLN Carillion PLC 29-08-2023
COSG Costain Group PLC 29-08-2023
CPH2 Clean Power Hydrogen PLC 07-04-2023
CPI Capita PLC 07-04-2023
CPPG CPPGroup PLC 29-08-2023
CTO Tclarke PLC 11-04-2022
CWR Ceres Power Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
DATA GlobalData PLC 07-04-2023
DCC DCC PLC 07-04-2023
DGI DG Innovate PLC 29-08-2023
DIAL Dialight PLC 29-08-2023
DLAR De La Rue PLC 07-04-2023
DNA2_p Doric Nimrod Air Two Ltd 29-08-2023
DNA3 Doric Nimrod Air Three Ltd 29-08-2023
DPAD DP Aircraft I Ltd 29-08-2023
DPLM Diploma PLC 07-04-2023
DRV Driver Group PLC 29-08-2023
DSCV discoverIE Group plc 26-04-2022
DSW DSW Capital PLC 29-08-2023
DWF DWF Group PLC 07-04-2023
DWHT Dewhurst Group PLC 29-08-2023
DXDX DX (Group) PLC 29-08-2023
EAAS Eenergy Group PLC 29-08-2023
ECEL Eurocell PLC 29-08-2023
ELIX Elixirr International PLC 07-04-2023
EMPR Empresaria Group PLC 29-08-2023
EPWN Epwin Group PLC 07-04-2023
EQTE EQTEC PLC 29-08-2023
ESKN Esken Ltd 29-08-2023
ETP Eneraqua Technologies PLC 29-08-2023
EXPN Experian PLC 07-04-2023
EZJ Easyjet PLC 07-04-2023
FAN Volution Group PLC 01-06-2022
FCS Falanx Group Ltd 29-08-2023
FGP FirstGroup PLC 07-04-2023
FIH FIH Group PLC 29-08-2023
FLOL Flowtech Fluidpower PLC 29-08-2023
FNTL Fintel PLC 29-08-2023
FOX Fox Marble Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
FSJ James Fisher and Sons PLC 07-04-2023
GATC Gattaca PLC 07-04-2023
GDWN Goodwin PLC 07-04-2023
GELN Gelion PLC 29-08-2023
GENG Genuit Group PLC 29-08-2023
GFHG Grand Fortune High Grade Ltd 29-08-2023
GFRD Galliford Try Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
GFTU_u Grafton Group PLC 29-08-2023
GMAA Gama Aviation PLC 07-04-2023
GPH Global Ports Holding PLC 29-08-2023
GRAG Grafenia PLC 29-08-2023
GTLY Gateley Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
HAYS Hays PLC 29-08-2023
HERC Hercules Site Services PLC 29-08-2023
HSM Samuel Heath and Sons PLC 29-08-2023
HSS HSS Hire Group PLC 07-04-2023
HWDN Howden Joinery Group PLC 07-04-2023
ICAG International Consolidated Airlines Group SA 29-08-2023
IDSI International Distributions Services PLC 29-08-2023
IES Invinity Energy Systems PLC 07-04-2023
IKA Ilika PLC 29-04-2022
IMI IMI PLC 07-04-2023
INSEI Inspired PLC 29-08-2023
INSP Inspirit Energy Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
IPEL Impellam Group PLC 29-08-2023
ITM ITM Power PLC 07-04-2023
ITRK Intertek Group PLC 07-04-2023
JDG Judges Scientific PLC 29-08-2023
JET2 Jet2 PLC 07-04-2023
JHD James Halstead PLC 07-04-2023
JSG Johnson Service Group PLC 29-08-2023
KEYS Keystone Law Group PLC 07-04-2023
KEYS Keystone Law Group PLC 07-04-2023
KGHK Knights Group Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
KIE Kier Group PLC 07-04-2023
KINO Kinovo PLC 07-04-2023
KLR Keller Group PLC 07-04-2023
KLR Keller Group PLC 07-04-2023
LIFS LifeSafe Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
LORD Lords Group Trading PLC 29-08-2023
LPA LPA Group PLC 29-08-2023
LSC London Security PLC 29-08-2023
LTGL Learning Technologies Group PLC 29-08-2023
LTHM James Latham PLC 01-04-2022
LTHM James Latham PLC 07-04-2023
LUCEL Luceco PLC 29-08-2023
MACF Macfarlane Group PLC 29-08-2023
MAIH Maintel Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
MERG Mears Group PLC 29-08-2023
MGAMM Morgan Advanced Materials PLC 29-08-2023
MGNS Morgan Sindall Group PLC 07-04-2023
MIND Mind Gym PLC 07-04-2023
MPAC MPAC Group PLC 29-08-2023
MRLM Marlowe PLC 29-08-2023
MRON Melrose Industries PLC 29-08-2023
MSTL MS International PLC 29-08-2023
MTO Mitie Group PLC 07-04-2023
MYXM Mycelx Technologies Corp 29-08-2023
NBB Norman Broadbent PLC 29-08-2023
NEX National Express Group PLC 07-04-2023
NEXSN Nexus Infrastructure PLC 29-08-2023
NNNN Nanosynth Group PLC 29-08-2023
NXR Norcros PLC 29-08-2023
OCN Ocean Wilsons Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
PAGE Pagegroup PLC 11-07-2019
PHEG Powerhouse Energy Group PLC 29-08-2023
PNIG Pennant International Group PLC 29-08-2023
PODP Pod Point Group Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
PORV Porvair PLC 29-08-2023
PPHC Public Policy Holding Company Inc 29-08-2023
PPS Proton Motor Power Systems PLC 07-04-2023
PTY Parity Group PLC 29-08-2023
QQ QinetiQ Group PLC 25-07-2019
RAI Ra International Group Plc 29-08-2023
RBGP RBG Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
RCDO Ricardo PLC 07-04-2023
REAT React Group PLC 29-08-2023
REDD Redde Northgate PLC 07-04-2023
REL Relx PLC 07-04-2023
RNO Renold PLC 07-04-2023
RNWH Renew Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
ROOFA Atrato Onsite Energy PLC 29-08-2023
ROR Rotork PLC 07-04-2023
ROTL Rotala PLC 29-08-2023
RR Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
RS1R RS Group PLC 29-08-2023
RSTP Restore PLC 29-08-2023
RTCR RTC Group PLC 29-08-2023
RTO Rentokil Initial PLC 07-04-2023
RWA Robert Walters PLC 07-04-2023
RWI Renewi PLC 07-04-2023
RWS RWS Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
SAE SIMEC Atlantis Energy Ltd 29-08-2023
SAGS Science Group PLC 29-08-2023
SDY Speedy Hire PLC 07-04-2023
SFES Safestyle UK PLC 29-08-2023
SFR Severfield PLC 07-04-2023
SHI SIG PLC 07-04-2023
SHIP Tufton Oceanic Assets Ltd 07-04-2023
SIXH 600 Group PLC 29-08-2023
SLNG H C Slingsby PLC 29-08-2023
SMIN Smiths Group PLC 07-04-2023
SMJ J Smart & Co (Contractors) PLC 29-08-2023
SMSS Smart Metering Systems PLC 29-08-2023
SNR Senior PLC 07-04-2023
SOM Somero Enterprises Inc 07-04-2023
SPX Spirax-Sarco Engineering PLC 07-04-2023
SRP Serco Group PLC 07-04-2023
STAF Staffline Group PLC 07-04-2023
STEMS SThree PLC 29-08-2023
SUH Sutton Harbour Group PLC 29-08-2023
TEKT Tekcapital PLC 29-08-2023
TENG Ten Lifestyle Group PLC 07-04-2023
TFW FW Thorpe PLC 29-08-2023
TITN Titon Holdings PLC 27-07-2022
TPK Travis Perkins PLC 07-04-2023
TRFT Trifast PLC 29-08-2023
TYMN Tyman PLC 24-05-2022
VANL Van Elle Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
VDTK Verditek PLC 07-04-2023
VELV Velocity Composites PLC 29-08-2023
VLX Volex PLC 07-04-2023
VP VP PLC 29-08-2023
VSVS Vesuvius PLC 07-04-2023
WATRI Water Intelligence PLC 29-08-2023
WEIR Weir Group PLC 07-04-2023
WIL Wilmington PLC 07-04-2023
WIN Wincanton PLC 29-08-2023
WIZZ Wizz Air Holdings PLC 07-04-2023
XPP XP Power Ltd 07-04-2023
XSG Xeros Technology Group PLC 29-08-2023
YCA Yellow Cake PLC 25-02-2022

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