Energy Companies

Are you an investor that on the lookout for financially sound for companies that have operated for many years and have dependable earnings, often paying dividends to investors? You are the right place

Code Company Name Date Of Latest Report
ADME Adm Energy PLC 29-08-2023
AEGR Active Energy Group PLC 29-08-2023
AET Afentra PLC 29-08-2023
AMNX Aminex PLC 29-08-2023
ANGSA Angus Energy PLC 29-08-2023
ARGR Argos Resources Ltd 29-08-2023
ASCR Ascent Resources PLC 29-08-2023
BISI Bisichi PLC 29-08-2023
BLOE Block Energy PLC 12-10-2022
BLVN Bowleven PLC 29-08-2023
BOIL Baron Oil PLC 07-04-2023
BP BP PLC 07-04-2023
BSTH Borders and Southern Petroleum PLC 29-08-2023
CADP Cadogan Energy Solutions PLC 29-08-2023
CASPC Caspian Sunrise PLC 29-08-2023
CEG Challenger Energy Group PLC 10-02-2022
CHARC Chariot Ltd 29-08-2023
CHLL Chill Brands Group PLC 07-04-2023
CLON Clontarf Energy PLC 29-08-2023
CNE Capricorn Energy PLC 24-03-2022
CNE Capricorn Energy PLC 07-04-2023
CORO Coro Energy Plc 07-04-2023
CZN Curzon Energy PLC 29-08-2023
DEC Diversified Energy Company PLC 12-01-2022
DELT Deltic Energy PLC 29-08-2023
ECHOE Echo Energy PLC 29-08-2023
EDLE Edenville Energy PLC 29-08-2023
EGRE Egdon Resources PLC 29-08-2023
EMEL Empyrean Energy PLC 29-08-2023
ENOG Energean PLC 07-04-2023
ENOG Energean PLC 07-04-2023
ENQ EnQuest PLC 04-07-2019
ENWE Enwell Energy PLC 29-08-2023
EOG Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) PLC 26-04-2022
G3EG G3 Exploration Ltd 29-08-2023
GBPq Global Petroleum Ltd 29-08-2023
GCM GCM Resources plc 20-09-2022
GENL Genel Energy PLC 07-04-2023
GKP Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd 07-04-2023
GMS Gulf Marine Services PLC 29-08-2023
GTC Getech Group PLC 29-08-2023
HARL Harland & Wolff Group Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
HASE Hargreaves Services PLC 29-08-2023
HBR Harbour Energy PLC 07-04-2023
HTG Hunting PLC 07-04-2023
I3E I3 Energy PLC 07-04-2023
IGAS IGas Energy PLC 07-04-2023
IGSSq IG Seismic Services PLC 29-08-2023
INDII Indus Gas Ltd 29-08-2023
IOG Iog PLC 07-04-2023
ITH Ithaca Energy PLC 29-08-2023
JOG Jersey Oil and Gas PLC 29-08-2023
JSE Jadestone Energy PLC 07-04-2023
KIST Kistos Holdings Plc 29-08-2023
LBE Longboat Energy PLC 29-08-2023
LOGP Lansdowne Oil & Gas PLC 29-08-2023
MATD Petro Matad Ltd 29-08-2023
MEN Molecular Energies PLC 29-08-2023
MSMN Mosman Oil and Gas Ltd 28-02-2022
NOGN Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC 29-08-2023
NTOG Nostra Terra Oil and Gas Company PLC 23-02-2022
NTQ Enteq Technologies PLC 29-08-2023
NWF NWF Group PLC 29-08-2023
ORCAO Orcadian Energy PLC 29-08-2023
ORCP Oracle Power PLC 07-04-2023
PANR Pantheon Resources PLC 07-04-2023
PET Petrel Resources PLC 07-04-2023
PFC Petrofac Ltd 07-04-2023
PHARP Pharos Energy PLC 29-08-2023
PLEX Plexus Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
PMG Parkmead Group PLC 07-04-2023
PPPP Pennpetro Energy PLC 29-08-2023
PRDP Predator Oil & Gas Holdings PLC 29-08-2023
PRES Pressure Technologies PLC 29-08-2023
PXEN Prospex Energy PLC 29-08-2023
QFI Quadrise Fuels International PLC 07-04-2023
RBDR Reabold Resources PLC 29-08-2023
RKH Rockhopper Exploration PLC 06-09-2022
SAVES Savannah Energy PLC 29-08-2023
SCIR Scirocco Energy PLC 29-08-2023
SDX SDX Energy PLC 29-08-2023
SENX Serinus Energy PLC 29-08-2023
SEPL Seplat Energy PLC 07-04-2023
SHEL Shell PLC 30-03-2022
SLEN San Leon Energy PLC 29-08-2023
SOU Sound Energy PLC 05-04-2022
SQZ Serica Energy PLC 07-04-2023
TGPT Tekmar Group PLC 29-08-2023
TLW Tullow Oil PLC 07-04-2023
TOME TomCo Energy PLC 29-08-2023
TOWR Tower Resources PLC 29-08-2023
TRIN Trinity Exploration and Production PLC 24-05-2022
TRIN Trinity Exploration and Production PLC 07-04-2023
UJO Union Jack Oil PLC 30-07-2019
UKOGa UK Oil & Gas PLC 29-08-2023
UOGU United Oil & Gas PLC 29-08-2023
UPL Upland Resources Ltd 29-08-2023
URU URU Metals Ltd 07-04-2023
VLSV Velocys PLC 29-08-2023
WCAT Wildcat Petroleum PLC 07-04-2023
WEN Wentworth Resources PLC 29-03-2022
WG John Wood Group PLC 07-04-2023
ZENZ Zenith Energy Ltd (CA) 29-08-2023
ZPHR Zephyr Energy PLC 07-04-2023

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