0R15 8540.2617 2.2296% 0R1E 8262.0176 -1.9229% 0M69 17217.5293 36.7556% 0R2V 181.94 0.1872% 0QYR 1423.1256 0.3538% 0QYP 402.3999 -0.7645% 0LCV 126.7 -1.0156% 0RUK 2959.3132 1.277% 0RYA 1718.0 -0.0582% 0RIH 142.0 0.3534% 0RIH 140.48 -1.0704% 0R1O 167.0 9767.0606% 0R1O None None% 0QFP 9785.8682 94.1641% 0M2Z 268.7914 -0.0683% 0VSO 22.315 -37.3262% 0R1I None None% 0QZI 477.0 0.5269% 0QZ0 220.0 0.0% 0NZF 818.1412 64.1535%

Technology Report

Kainos Group PLC

Apr 21, 2023

Investment Type
Risk Level
Rec. Price ()

Section 1: Company Overview and Fundamental Insights

1.1 Company Overview:

Kainos Group PLC (LSE: KNOS) is an FTSE 250 index listed leading IT services provider based in the UK, focused on delivering IT solutions for the last 30 years and currently employs around 2,000 people across 12 offices in Europe and North America. Kalkine’s Technology Report covers the Investment Highlights, Key Financial Metrics, Risks, Recent Business Updates along with the Valuation, Target Price, and Recommendation on the stock.

On 22 May 2023, KNOS will release FY23 results for the year ended 31 March 2023.

1.2 The Key Positives, Negatives, Highlights and Risks

1.3 Top 10 Shareholders:

The top 10 shareholders collectively form ~54.34% of the total shareholdings. Mooney (Brendan Gerard) holds the maximum number of shares with ~11.40% shareholding, followed by Qubis Ltd with ~9.81% shareholding, as depicted in the chart below: 

1.4 Key Metrics:

Section 2:  Business Updates and Financial Highlights

2.1 Recent Business Updates

2.2 H1 FY23 Financial Highlights (for the 6 months ended 30 September 2022, as of 14 November 2022)

Section 3:  Key Risks and Outlook

Section 4: Stock Recommendation Summary

4.1 Price Performance and Technical Summary:

The stock has witnessed a decline of ~7.48% in the last one month and over the last 6 months, it has decreased by ~0.73%. The stock has a 52-week low and 52-week high of GBX 954.50 & GBX 1,760.00, respectively and is currently trading below the average of 52-week high-low.

4.2 Fundamental Valuation

Valuation Methodology: Price/Earnings Approach

Please note markets are trading in a highly volatile zone currently due to certain macro-economic and geopolitical tensions prevailing. Therefore, it is prudent to follow a cautious approach while investing.

Note 1: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Note 2: The reference data for all price data, currency, technical indicators, support, and resistance levels is 20 April 2023. The reference data in this report has been partly sourced from REFINITIV.

Note 3: Investment decisions should be made depending on an individual's appetite for upside potential, risks, holding duration, and any previous holdings. An 'Exit' from the stock can be considered if the Target Price mentioned as per the Valuation and or the technical levels provided has been achieved and is subject to the factors discussed above.

Note 4: Target Price refers to a price level that the stock is expected to reach as per the relative valuation method and or technical analysis taking into consideration both short-term and long-term scenarios.

Note 5:  Kalkine reports are prepared based on the stock prices captured either from the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and or REFINITIV. Typically, both sources (LSE and or REFINITIV) may reflect stock prices with a delay which could be a lag of 15-20 minutes. There can be no assurance that future results or events will be consistent with the information provided in the report. The information is subject to change without any prior notice.

Note 6: Dividend Yield may vary as per the stock price movement.

Technical Indicators Defined: -

Support: A level at which the stock prices tend to find support if they are falling, and a downtrend may take a pause backed by demand or buying interest. Support 1 refers to the nearby support level for the stock and if the price breaches the level, then Support 2 may act as the crucial support level for the stock.

Resistance: A level at which the stock prices tend to find resistance when they are rising, and an uptrend may take a pause due to profit booking or selling interest. Resistance 1 refers to the nearby resistance level for the stock and if the price surpasses the level, then Resistance 2 may act as the crucial resistance level for the stock.

Stop-loss: It is a level to protect further losses in case of unfavourable movement in the stock prices.


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